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Q & A  (English)

1. Where I can find the driver of GM-270?

Please try to download the suitable driver in Holux website ~  

They are the common driver with each other (GM-270 & GR-271)

But we can’t guarantee whether it can work compatible with windows 7.
How ever, we would suggest you trying to change appropriate platform (Win 2K, XP) if you can’t work on Win 7.

2. Can GM-270 (or GR-271) use on the platform of Windows or Linux? 

Unfortunately, the GM-270 can’t support the Linux platform but it can support the Windows OS.
You have to install the suitable driver in your Windows platform (98 / Me / 2000 / XP/ Vista) and check again.
Or you can download on Holux website~    

3. Does GM-270 / GR-271 need to install the driver, if I use it with HP-2200 PDA?

Normally, you just need to insert the GR-271 in the suitable interface of device without install driver.
But we have to notice one thing, some PDA does not includes the driver for the GM-270 / GR-271(oxford chipset ,that transforms GPS data to CF slot signal)
And the current OS of PPC had almost included the GR-271 driver, such as windows mobile 5.0 / 6.0 (they are all including this driver after windows Pocket PC 2003 version)
So you don’t need to install the driver and directly insert it to those suitable OS of PDA, then you can use GR-271.

And we provide these drivers on Holux website that are only applied to use on the laptop.

Download website~
So, if you want to use GR-271 on the laptop pls. install a suitable driver. You can try to check in the laptop.
Therefore if your OS version of PDA is too older (like window CE net). That didn’t include this driver, and you should be not using.

We would suggest you trying to use in other latest OS of PDA and test again.
Or you can contact your retailer or vendor of HP to check whether it can update the latest OS or how to solve this issue, probably.

4. How to install the driver of GM-270 / GR-271?

Please try to unzip the package files what you download on Holux webstire and exist the 
content of folder into your laptop or device (remember the existing path).
Then insert the GM-270 into the laptop or device by using CF card interface.
The laptop would ask you to provide the driver. Pls. choose the existing path of driver folder, 
then it would auto-install the driver

5. The GR-271 how to start the function for WASS / EGNOS?

The DGPS function is included the WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS system and you don't need to set anything.
If you are in USA area, you will auto-receive the signal of WAAS satellite.
If you are in Europe area, you will auto-receive the signal of EGNOS satellite.
If you are in Japan area, you will auto-receive the signal of MSAS satellite.
It just shows the different number GPS satellites in your navigation program.

6. I would like to know GR-271(or GM-270) can works with laptop or any tablet computer?

Normally, you have to make sure whether it has suitable interface to connect on your using platform.
And you can refer tabove Question 3 to follow the procedure.
But we have to remind you the driver can work appropriate with latest windows platform (Such as ~
Window Vista / Win 7)

7. Why GR-271(or GM-270) shows no speed under slow walking with navigation software?

We have to advise one thing, the SiRF chipset had limited the velocity under 2.4~2.6 km / hr, 
therefore speed will show zero.
It was default setting by SiRF vendor, and we didn’t have any utility or ability to modify this 

8. I felt the GR-271(or GM-270) of accuracy was going to become uncorrect, and sometime it will take long time to fixing, does anything what I can do?

We couldn’t understand what root cause happened in this your opration environment, but we just can advise to you the GPS had the accuracy tolerance around 5~15m when GPS is staid in open sky and signal is stable / stronger.
But if your environment was under too many shelters (the most effect of GPS performance), the GPS accuracy tolerance would become larger and lose reality.

Therefore we just can suggest executing the “Factory Reset” function with the “GPS viewer” utility as below photo and check again~ 08-F.JPG

You can download the related utility on Holux website~  

If the problem persists, the device should be a problem.
Pls. contact your reseller (or local retailer) for support or repair if it is necessary.
Or you can contact our customer and repair service unit for supoort~

9. I had GR-271 receiver(or GM-270), do you have any useful GPS utility can work with Window mobile system?

We just have one simple GPS signal testing utility for Windows mobile, please try to download the on Holux website~  

10. Will the 68012-10N(AR-01) Antenna work for my GR-271(or GM-270)?

Unfortunately, we apologize to tell the GM-270 can’t work compatible with this external 
antenna (68012-10N).
Because your device of connecter interface was MCX, but the external antenna of interface was MMCX.
And the MCX of external antenna was sold without any stock in the future.

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 請問GM-270 (或GR-271)之驅動程式要如何安裝?

然後便將GR-271(or GM-270)插入電腦,此時電腦便會自動偵測到新的硬體,並詢問所需要的驅動程式。

2. GM-270的驅動程式無法於網站上尋找到?

您可以連結至Holux的網站,於GR-271的下載連結區,下載驅動程式UART_Driver_v6.5.1.5 (GM-270與GR-271的驅動程式是共用的)。HoluxFAQ~

但我們無法保證此驅動程式,能夠支援目前較新的作業系統平台(如Window Vista 64b / Win 7)

3. GR-271 (或GM-270)如何與MAC or Linux平台連結,是否需要drive?


4. GR-271 (或GM-270)與HP-2200 PDA連結,是否需要driver?

一般目前市面上的PDA(若有CF-slot介面的),皆可直接與我們的CF card-GPS receiver直接插入使用,不需要任何驅
動程式;因為PDA內所搭配的OS作業系統(例如:windows mobile 5.0 / 6.0、Windows Pocket PC 2003等….版本),皆已
而網站上提供給使用者下載的驅動程式,是針對電腦平台(有CF-slot介面的)來安裝的。故我們的CF card-GPS receiver若要
若您有發生在PDA尚無法辨識或使用的狀況,很有可能是您的PDA (例如:window CE net)並沒有支援到我們GR-271(或GM-

5. 請問我的GR-271產品(或 GM-270), 為何都收不到任何衛星訊號?

首先請確認,GR-271之LED燈是否有閃爍;當GPS定位後,其LED燈會開始變閃爍。另外務必安裝正確合宜的驅動程式至您的電腦後,GR-271才可以與電腦連接;並會被電腦指定一COM port位置。若您確認無誤,我們會建議您做以下步驟測試。

您可以使用”GPS viewer_PC”測試軟體裡的功能,執行<Factory Reset>、如附件圖片~

然後請您嘗試與別台電腦連結,並利用”GPSViewer_PC” 測試軟體再確認看看。(可以在以下網下載)~  


7. 請問, GPS viewer裡的"Hot/ Warm/ Cold start"對GR-271(或 GM-270)測試有什麼區別?
此部分它是屬於測試GPS在第一次定位效能上的參考數值,您可參閱此File:What is GPS cold start.pdf檔案,有細部的說明。

Other notice / 其它備註

[1] Apple Prodcut information

[2] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[3] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

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