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1. Q: Does Holux data logger can be used in MAC OS?

A: You may use M-241 or GPSport 245 with BT-747 (open source software) to read your logs from Holux M-241. 
We have customers tested it successfully on Mac OS 10.5 and we tested it under Ubuntu Linux V9.0 without any problem, 
You may download it from here.

2. Q: What kind of Holux product are compatible with BT747 at MAC OS?

A: M-241 and GPSport 245 are compatible with BT747. They come with CP210X USB chip. GPSport255 and GPSPort 260 come with PL-2303 USB chip that so they are not compatible with BT747. Although M-1000C and M-1200 USB are not compatible with BT747. But you could try Bluetooth connect.


1. Q: 請問, Holux的軌跡紀錄器是否可以在MAC系統的電腦使用?

A: 可以,只要您下載BT747這套免費軟體就可以使用,我們已經測試過BT747在MAC OS 10.5及Ubuntu Linux V9.0系統成功執行.

2. Q: 請問, 哪些Holux的軌跡紀錄器與BT 747相容?

A: 測試完成BT 747 無法下載GR-255的軌跡資料.

GR-255跟GPSPort 260使用相同的USB chip.(PL-2303)


目前僅有支援CP210X的M-241及GSPport 245可以利用BT747 USB連接下載資料.

M-1200E及M-1000 USB也不支援BT747,但是藍牙連接可以.

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