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Q: My GPS fix too long time. Could you please tell me how to improve it?

A: That's due to the all GPS products only remember 3~7 days for the satellite positions. After two weeks, it's like you are doing a 'reset' to 
   the GPS. If you feel that's too long, going to menu and do a 'GPS Cold Start'.This will help the speed up a little bit.


Q: 請問, 我的GPS定位時間過長。能不能請你告訴我如何改善?

A: 這是由於所有的GPS產品只記得 3〜7天的衛星位置。兩週後,全球定位系統會重新設定。如果你覺得太長,去GPS設定選單,做一個'全球定位系統冷啟動'。這將有助於加快定位?。

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