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Q & A  (English)

1. Why power on or click Reset the GPSmile 61E and it just freeze to show Holux start-up screen without any other reaction?

The root cause should be the system files lost or broken, you have to send it back to us for 
reapir, the device have re-update the OS system firmware again.
Please try to contact your original reseller for support to execute repairing process.
Or you can contact our customer and repair service unit for supoort~ 

2. How many capacity of memory card can be supported on GPsmile 61E device?

The GPSmile 61E can support the maximum of Micro-SD card is 8GB(and also support SDHC format).
How ever, the current SD card of manufacturer and vendor are too many, we couldn't guarantee 
that all of them can be supported, therefore we would suggest you trying to buy some big brand
of vendor~ such as:SanDisk、Kingston、Transcend....。

3. Why my latptop can dectect the GPSmile 61E, when it is connecting by USB cable?

The problem should be the USB port of voltage isn't enough or stable to start-up USB connections.
Therefore we would suggest you trying to change another USB port or laptop to check again.
If the problem still persist, the device should be a problem. Please try to contact your 
original reseller for support to execute repairing process.
Or you can contact our customer and repair service unit for supoort~ 

4. Where can I get the GPsmile 61E of battery to replace by myself?

Unfortunately, this model of battery was belonged to embedded system, it didn't sell for after 
market and it wasn't easily to replace by yourself.
If you really get the battery un-chargeable issue please try to contact your original reseller 
for support to execute repairing process.
Or you can contact our customer and repair service unit for supoort~ 

5.Can GPsmile 61E support to receive the RS-232 signal?

Currently, we only two models(GPSmile 62G / 61E) can support to receive the URAR signal by mini-USB interface port. And it worked for receiving TMC signal when you had used external TMC receiving module by mini-USB interface, then your navigation softwawre should decode the TMC message protocol.

If you really need to use with RS-232 interface, it extra need to be made the converting cable from mini-USB(URAT) to DB9(RS-232) interface, then it should be compatible with our PND.

Please refer this File:Nav 62G & 61E + RS232 Y cable working diagram.pdf diagram file.

This kind of special converting cable should be made for customization, if Sir or Madam really have interesting please try to contact with our sales~

6. Does GPSmile 61E includes to support TMC capability?

Yes, it can support to receive the TMC signal by mini-USB port (UART signal) of device.
Currently, our other models (GPSmile 62G & 62F) can also support the TMC module by external 

7. I bought 61E in Singapore but where can I download or update the map files?
Holux just belong to manufacturing GPS receiver of expert and provide technical and repair service for hardware device. And Holux sell these GPS hardware devices to abroad distributor of customer.

Then the local distributor will take responsible to decide which kind of map navigation be used and attached the backup CD of map navigation into the package.

Therefore we (Holux) really don’t have any map software reference or development skill.

But I think you may contact our local distributor in Singapore for support directly, they could help you. Sorry to make you inconvenience!

EastGear Pte Ltd

42 Horne Road

Singapore 209066

Tel: (65) 6837 1582

Fax:(65)6837 1583



8. I just bought car GPS GPSmile 61E in Singapore, How can I register the product warranty online?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide this kind of register service for warranty.
The register function was made for online store when you need to buy something on Holux website.
Holux will base on warranty card to execute the repair service (normally, 1 year).

Therefore we think the register service should be served by you local distributor or reseller. 
you may contact our local distributor in Singapore, they could help you.

EastGear Pte Ltd
42 Horne Road
Singapore 209066
Tel: (65) 6837 1582
Fax:(65)6837 1583

9. The package only supplys a Car charger and USB cable, how to keep charging for 8 hrs?

Yes, you are right. But we provide this information was the normal instruction from battery vendor provided.
Normally, we had already tested the battery charge function in few times before shipping.
You can directly normal operation when the device be plugged the car charger.

By the way, if you really need the home adapter you can refer our Online store website.
Pls. choose the “Home Adapter” item and click the “67077-11N Home Adapter”, it can work compatible with each other.
Website :

  Home Adapter-01.JPG

Or you can directly contact our customer service of Online store~
Contact information :

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 請問,61E開機時就停留在開機畫面而不會動,用重置鍵没有作用;是否有解決的方法?


電話: 03-6687000轉1281或1282

2. 請問,GPSmile 61E一定要再開機時才會進行充電嗎?


3.請問GPsmile 61E可使用到多大的記憶卡?

而GPSmile 61E可以支援Micro-SD card最大容量8GB(可支援SDHC的規格);而由於目前SD card的廠牌眾多,我們無法
保證可以支援全數的廠牌。我們會建議您購買較大廠商之SD Card,例如:SanDisk、金士頓、友勁、創見等。



電話: 03-6687000轉1281或1282

5. 請問61E在充電時無顯示通電百分比只顯示打勾圖示,那如何知道電力充飽了?


電話: 03-6687000轉1281或1282

6. 請問,61E之多媒體功能使用時,影片撥放為何會有延遲lag的情形?

目前WMV有分3種profile格式 (Simple / Main / Advanced),而62G記憶體DDR RAM 目前只有128MB;當執行WMV的檔案屬simple profile時,所耗費的記憶體處理量,仍夠負荷播放。但到main profile的等級(甚至Advanced以上)時,其播放運算處理之記憶體便有不足的情形;故會有機會出現播放不順暢與lag的情形。



另外也有相關論壇再介紹說明影音轉檔的建議,可參閱該File:PDA看高畫質AVI檔- Mobile01 討論群組.pdf說明檔。

7. 請問購買了貴公司的Holux 61E,且搭配的圖資是H7;但為何官網是H5的下載?


Pchome官網上所顯示的相關訊息,確實為我們Holux出廠所搭配之標準圖資<導航精靈H5> ~  


8. 請問,GPSmile61E 官網之主程式可以下載,但H7_MAP台灣地圖卻無法下載,為何?


9. 請問61E包裝內只有附車充,是否可用USB Cable與電腦連接方式充電?

我們不建議以電腦USB port來充電(因為電腦USB之電壓不足,會導致無法有效充電);請直接以車充來充電。

選取”旅充”後、再點選” GPSmile61/62/62E/63A/雪精靈”,您便可於下方看到購物視窗來進行採購即可,如下圖所示~
Online Store-01.JPG


10. 請問GPsmile 61E之影音.音樂.相片應放置哪各資料夾才可顯示?

61E 與 62G的多媒體播放功能設計是相同的,故此部分參閱該File:62G-如何使用多媒體功能.pdf操作說明檔,有細部的說明。

11.請問GPsmile 61E是否可支援接收RS-232訊號輸入?

目前有兩款機型(GPSmile 62G / 61E),確實是有支援URAR訊號輸入至導航機裡。而其應用就是用來做TMC的訊號接收,當以TMC的模組接收外接,其訊號輸入介面為mini-USB(URAT訊號)接頭;使PAPAGO的軟體會解讀該訊號之資訊。

此部分可參閱該File:Nav 62G & 61E + RS232 Y cable working diagram.pdf示意圖說明檔!


12. 請問,61E到PAPAGO網站註冊,為何沒有此機型的型號可註冊,請問該如何註冊又該下載何種版本的圖資?


13. 請問為何使用61E在我的車上,其機器卻都花很久時間才定位,是否擋風玻璃的隔熱紙會有影響?





1.可見光穿透率      2.紅外線阻隔率      3.抗UV能力



Other notice / 其它備註

[1] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[2] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

[3] Map issue / 圖資問題

[4] SD card issue / 記憶卡問題

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