Track file compatible problem/軌跡檔案相容性相關問題

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Q:Please tell me that M-1200E records track that is compatible with GPSport 260 or not.

A: Sure you can. But you need to follow the below step.
        1. M-1200E imports track into ezTour. And then you can export it as GPX file. 
        2. Open ezTourplanner and import GPX file.
        3. GPSport 260 USB connect via ezTourPlanner and select "Sync to Device" at ezTourPlanner.


Q: 請問, 我原來購買了M-1200E軌跡記錄器,我現在想購買GPSport 260,用M-1200E保存的軌跡導入260進行軌跡導航可以嗎??

A: 可以,我試過只要把M-1200E的軌跡使用ezTour轉換成GPX檔.再利用ezTourPlanner上傳到GPSport 260就可以讓
   M-1200E紀錄的軌跡在GPSport 260上作軌跡導航。
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