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1. Q: Which Holux GPS is compatible with Android system?

A: If you got android system device please download Android MTK from the  
market. It can let you download track of Holux data logger such as M-241,M-1000C 
and M-1200E. They all come with Bluetooth device. Android can use 
Bluetooth connect via them. 

2. Q: Except Android who could be compatible with Holux Bluetooth GPS receiver?

A: From my testing experience for Android and Apple you can check something.

(1)You could check the software which can accept external GPS receiver or not. 
   It is important. If not you have no chance to choose external GPS receiver. 

(2)Usually smart phone tell you that you need to turn on Sim card to internet. 
   You could turn on Sim card internet function first. After Bluetooth 
   connectivity is successfully you could turn off Sim card internet function  
   for saving internet fee.

I do not think that OS limit external GPS compatibility. For example, Apple wish to earn more money. If the external GPS wish to pass  the Apple identify the external GPS company will pay money to Apple.

Holux can not do this. So Holux GPS is not compatible with Apple. Android never limited external GPS. So I can use Holux GPS Bluetooth receiver via Android successfully.



1.Q: 請問,長天的產品哪些與Android系統相容。

A:假如您有Android系統的電子裝置,請到market下載Android MTK.它能讓你下載M-241,

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