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Q & A  (English)

1: Why the iPhone, iPod couldn't connect to Holux GPS receiver by Bluetooth function?
Normally, you just need to make sure your setting of COM port is correct, baud rate 38400, pair code “0000” when you try to connections by Bluetooth

We can't guarantee our product can match all of device (iPhone or iPod). Because some of vendors (like Palm) have had limited the suitable GPS receiver to match its device.

As you can see the video on YouTube website as below link, it had to use a special cable to connect with our GPS receiver.

And this special cable was made by iPhone as below reference link~

And we don’t know the Ipad there is other ways to connect with external GPS device. Therefore we would suggest you trying to contact the vendor of Apple for support.

By the way, someone of kindly user advise to us the useful information on internet, he found someone GPS receiver was directly to work with Apple related prodcuts, the web link as below~

2. Does have need some kind of software to use, then Bluetooth GPS receiver can be detected by iPhone, iPod, iPad?

Holux didn't have this kind of software that can provdie but most of user had discussed on web 
forum about i-pod touch /i phone/ i pad had some connetion issue with other bluetooth device, and
the root cause should be rogy-bluetooth software setting issue.

If you have interest to know please refer as web-link ~

3: Why the iPad couldn't connect to Holux GPS receiver by Bluetooth function?

The problem wasn't the Holux GPS receiver of hardawre issue, It is about "Apple MFi Program" 
certification as blow web-link ~ 

Even all of related Apple products (Iphone / Ipad / Ipod) are embedded Bluetooth function, but 
it only "Made for iPod" (MFi) certified devices can be linked to the iPad without .  

Therefore no pass "Apple MFi" certification of bluetooth devices, there is no way to connect 
with Iphone or Ipad by Bluetooth. 
This is Apple hardware of limit, please try to conect with Apple for support. 

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 為何Holux GPS receiver無法用藍芽連接到iPhone, iPod?
一般只要確認COM port、baud rate 38400、配對碼 “0000”都設定正確,那Holux的藍芽GPS接收器都可以與一般藍芽電子產品連接的。

但是我們無法保證,Holux產品可與所有藍芽電子產品連接; 因為某些品牌的廠商(例如iPhone、iPod、Palm)會有一些限制,需有特說的條件才可與她們產品連接。



目前我們無任何方式可讓Holux GPS接收器可直接跟iPhone / Ipod連接傳輸,建議需跟Apple廠商來聯繫,請她們協助。

不過, 有位熱心的GPS產品用戶告知我們,他於網路上有找到一廠牌之GPS接收器的產品,可直接與Apple相關系列產品來連接使用,其連接網站如下~

2. 是否需要使用什麼軟體,那Holux GPS藍芽接收器便可與iPhone, iPod, iPad的藍芽連接?

Holux並無此種軟體可提供,但是有相關討論論壇有提到使用者會反應i-pod touch /i phone/ i pad與眾多藍芽產品
連接有問題,應該都跟rogy-bluetooth 軟體設定有關。

3. 為何Holux GPS receiver無法用藍芽連接到iPad?

Holux的GPS receiver 的確無法連接Apple相關系列產品,但並非藍芽版本不相容的問題,於 Apple MFi Program認證問題,
如下 ~ 
也就是說, 若Holux GPS reciever要符合MFi, 那必需通過Apple MFi認證。
故即使Apple之相關系列產品Iphone / Ipad / Ipod等,都具備藍芽傳輸;但目前全被限定在有經過Apple認證之設備,才可配

故只要未取通過Apple MFi認證之所有藍芽傳輸裝置,也就無法被Iphone及Ipad可被偵測到,進行配對。 
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