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Q & A  (English)

1. Where can I download the map for my FunTrek 130?

Holux is an expert manufacturer of GPS device,
but we do not own or develop any map software for any countries.
We sell our GPS device to abroad distributor and they will decide which map or navigation system to use.
Please try to contact your original reseller or map vendor for support.

2. Can FunTrek 130 work with other application software or navigation program?

Yes,GM-130 can support third party software. 
Just need to do some simple settings then the third party software will embedded on our system.

But first of all, please make sure your third party software can match the conditions below:
        1. It can support to operate under WinCE 5.0 platform.
        2. It can support 240x400 pixels resolution.

If above conditions are correct, the GM-13O can use two ways to start-up 3rd party software:

[1]Holux shell AP + OS_Win CE 5.0 (it belong Holux standard product)
Please download and refer our files about setting example and instruction as below link.
Please copy our example "app" folder to GM-130 of Flash memory, then it should be work.
And you can do similar setting on your 3th party software as same as our example, it can be added
many kind of application software into GM-130.

[2]It only have OS_Win CE 5.0 without Holux shell AP( it belong customization product)
In this case, you should be get related inventing utility and detail document and Holux will assist 
to modify some OS setting by customization for a lot quantity order.
Please try to contact our sales unit, it would be processed by special project.

3. Where can I buy a new battery?

You can purchase the battery on our "Online Store":

Category chooses "Battery", Model chooses "GPSmile61/62/FunTrek130" as the image shown below:


4.When I set auto backlight ,the light sensor seems not work properly,why?

Automatic back light brightness based on the external environment automatically adjust the 
backlight brightness to get the double effect that are suitable light level and power saving.
1. At the dark environment, the backlight level has two grade. This two backlight level is  
    suitable for dark environments . If the backlight level increase, while the surrounding  
    environment is very dark, so it will feel with the screen is dazzling. But also a waste of 
2. Dark ~ Medium brightness (such as offices, under the shade of sunny outdoor, etc.), 
    the backlight to adjust from low to high, medium brightness up to four.
3. Medium intensity ~ high brightness (such as direct sunlight light sensor), the 
    backlight to adjust the order: high ~ low, up to 0. The external environment more light, 
    more dark backlight settings. To achieve power saving effect.
Therefore, the principle of automatic backlight adjustment is appropriate enough for the backlight, 
and can save electricity. The adjust rule that it is similar a parabola opening downwards. From 
darkness to direct sunlight, the backlight level from low to high and get back to low during this 
process .
Not simply have been reduced or has increased. These are experiments in the actual environment 
before, you can compare the two, an automatic backlight, a free set in a dark room (preferably dark 
pitch-dark, Oh), outdoor,Under the sun and other environmental feel to see.

5.Can I update AP without using SD card?

You can save update folder and update.xml file into G-storge.
If 130 can not find them in SD card the 130 is going to search G-storge for them.So you do not need 
SD card to update AP.

6.Why the battery of ANT+ sensors (HRM, Cadence, Speed) is empty after few days opreation?

In initial model, the ANT+ sensor has a possibility of sensor keeps always working on, if the 
magnet is too close with Cadence & Speed sensor in the package.
But this problem had been solved in new hardware and firmware of ANT+ sensor since January, 2011.
The ANT+ sensor will auto-change to "suspend" mode and its battery can stand by around 1 year.
Therefore this kind of problem shouldn't be happened, we suspect the problem should be the local 
reseller still had old hardware version of ANT+ sensor stocks?
We would suggest trying to verify somethings as below~
1. Please check your prodcut P/N or S/N number to verify your ANT+ sensor is new or old version?
2. Please measure the mercury battery of voltage capacity (New one is ~3.1V, but almost consumed 
   to the end is ~2.5V)?
Please contact your original reseller for support or repair if it is necessary.
Or you can contact with our RMA unit to execute the repair process, they can help you too~
Contact information ~

7. Dose FunTrek130 & 130pro support the temperature measuring?
Please try to refer this File:GM-130 & 130Pro notice1.pdf diagram description files, it has a detail information to let you know.

8.How many track log can be saved on GM-130 & 130pro?
Please try to refer this File:GM-130 & 130Pro notice2.pdf description, it has a detail information to let you know.

Actually, GM-130 & 130pro would keeps fixing the maximum recording capacity of track log even it was saved into Flash memory or Micro-SD card as same as above information file.

9. Does GM-130 & 130pro support to work with the Android or MAC system platform?

Unfortunately, the device attached ezTour plus software only worked appropriate with windows 
platform without Android and MAC. Therefore, Holux didn't have this kind of software that can 
provdie to you.
How ever, you still can click below link "other notice" to know and get more informationa about 
"ezTour plus" related references.

10. What is the purpose of third-party AP function on FunTrek130 & 130pro device?
This is a very useful funtion to start-up any third-party software by "Short-Cut" icon in our devices.

You just have to make sure two matters what software you would be used~

1. Make sure the third-party software can works on Win CE 5.0 platform.

2. Make sure the software can support 240x400 pixels resolution.

By the way, you also can refer this ardent user of information in FunTrek 130pro, he excetly enable our third-party function and perform it perfectly.

He generously publish his suggestion on his blogs~

11. Where can I get the CvtTool and using customized maps function on my Holux Funtrek 130 (or 130pro)?

You can go to Holux website to download this CvtTool utility as below link~ 

And you also can refer this File:CvtTool Introuction.pdf description, it has a detail information to let you know how to use this utility and catch map diagram.

Q & A  (Chinese)

1.請問, FunTrek 130的圖資在哪裡可以下載?


2. 請問GM-130的產品是否可支援其他應用的軟體或導航程式?


1.應用程式軟體可支援Win CE 5.0平台.

2.該軟體的畫素解析度可支援GM-130的解析度(240x400 pixel).


[1]Holux shell AP + OS_Win CE 5.0 (屬Holux標準產品) 請至以下連結,參閱與下載其支援第三方-應用軟體的範例與設定說明;將範例"app"資料夾,複製到GM-130的Flash記憶體即可再依此類推,將其它的應用軟體,依此方式設定與存放;便可擴充更多的應用程式軟體至GM-130的機器內,範例下載~  

[2]無Holux shell AP,只有OS_Win CE 5.0 (屬客製化產品) 此部分便須將GM-130的相關開發文件提供您,並Holux從中協助相關開發過程的修改變更;故屬客製化產品,需有一定的需求量。因此該種模式需請與我們業務單位接洽,以專案方式來進行處理。



3. 請問GM-130的電池哪裡可以購買?




4. 請問GM-130pro的圖資軟體,為何於地圖瀏覽畫無法正常顯示?





客服維修單位e-mail :  

4.在 Auto Backlight 部分, Light Sensor 無法正常運作

     我打勾 Auto 之後, 拿到較暗的地方, 螢幕的 Light Level 反而顯示更暗, 應該要顯示更亮才對
     3.中等亮度~高亮度(如陽光直射lignt sensor),背光調整順序為:高~低,直至0級。外界環境越亮,背光設置




6.請問, 130 AP更新檔(update.xml及 update資料夾)一定要放在SD卡裡面嗎?還是可以放到G-storge裡面?


7.請問, 130Pro裡的HRM & Cadence偵測器,為何第一次使用數天後, 電池便沒電了?

ANT+無線偵測器早期剛推出時,因包裝時有機率性因磁鐵與Cadence & Speed靠太近;導致偵測器都處於"持續工作"狀
1. 可先確認該問題的機器出貨批號或序號時間,是否可能ANT+硬體屬舊版導至?
2. 可針對水銀電池做簡單的電性量測,確認一下電池電壓(全新電池、電壓約3.1V;若消耗沒電時,電壓約2.5V)?

電話: 03-6687000轉1281或1282

8. 請問,FunTrek130 & 130pro有沒有測溫功能?
此部分請參閱該File:GM-130 & 130Pro備忘錄1.pdf圖示說明檔,有細部的說明了解。

9. 請問,FunTrek130 & 130pro可記錄的多少軌跡點數?
此部分可參閱該File:GM-130 & 130Pro備忘錄2.pdf的規格說明檔,有細部的說明介紹。

原則上您不論將軌跡設定儲存在內建記憶體或Micro-SD card,其記錄最大極限都會符合上述的說明檔。

10. 請問FunTrek130 & 130pro,是否可於Android 或 MAC平台上執行?

很抱歉,130 & 130pro所搭配的軟體ezTour plus,目前只支援在Window的作業系統;且Holux目前並無可於Android與
MAC平台上的軌跡讀取軟體可提供,若針對ezTour plus軟體有相關問題,請至下方的"其它備註"裡,點選ezTour plus相關

11. 請問哪裡可以取得CvtTool工具軟體,這樣我的Funtrek 130 (or 130pro)才可以使用"自建地圖"功能?


另外也可參閱此 File:CvtTool Introuction.pdf 文件敘述,此部分有詳細的敘述與透過Holux官網上的Flash動畫指導,充份教學如何使用與擷取地圖檔案。

Other notice / 其它備註

[1] EzTour/ezTourPlus Related Reference/相關問題

[2] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[3] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

[4] SD card issue / 記憶卡問題

[5] File:Holux-Outdoor-GPS Comparison List 20110304.pdf

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