GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

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Q: My GPS has been fault. Where can I get maintance?

A: Please you can try to refer our cooperation distributor or agent seller in world wide, they 
should help you ~ 

If there doesn't have the contact distributor in your local country, or they can't help you.
You can contact with our RMA unit to execute the repair process.
Contact information ~ 


Q: 請問, 我的GPS已經故障。我在哪裡可以維修?

A: 請將您的GPS拿到您當初購買的商店或是經銷商那,他們應會幫您處理。
若他們仍無法協助您,再請與我們客服維修單位聯絡;它們會協助提供你的~ RMA@holux.comle

Q: I bought GPS device at Singapore and something broken, Where can I get maintance?

A: If you bought related Holux products at Singapore and you want to enquiry some issue or 
problem, I think you may contact our local distributor, they could help you.

EastGear Pte Ltd
42 Horne Road
Singapore 209066
Tel: (65) 6837 1582
Fax:(65)6837 1583

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