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Q & A  (English)

1. What is POI stands? Can we get to know the record afterwards on the LCD or ezTour?

That mean you can record the point of position and it will display on the ezTour program.
By the way, the POI point can combine with the photo and display what you take picture of view on
ezTour program.
Therefore POI just like a note point on your track path and it can display by using ezTour program.

2. Can we set another mode without “overwrite”

The current version of GR-245 has supports “overwrite & Full stop” setting.
But the default setting is “overwrite” function, you may need to change that in setting manu.

3. The laptop can’t detect my GR-245 with ezTour program

Most of these issues could be the driver didn’t install completely or your laptop had already included other Silicon version driver to conflict, therefore the laptop can’t recognize the GR-245 device.

(1)First, we would suggest please try to change another USB port or laptop to connect the GPSport 245 by USB cable when it is power off). After that you can check out whether the problem still persists, if it still didn't work please try to use second solution.

(2)Please review the “Add / remove program” items on your laptop, and remove all of driver files that the first name has show the “Silicon Lab…..”, then restart your computer and try to re-install the driver with attached Tool CD or download on Holux website~

You also can try to referFile:GPSport 245 driver re-setup procedure.pdf , it will introduce the re-setup driver procedure. 

4. 10 records displayed as “History” on GR-245 LCD, that do not match the one loaded to ezTour?

The problem maybe is the setting function in your ezTour program.
You can go to the ezTour option, then you will see the “Track” item and pls. try to change setting
value because the track data would be combined from two track path to one path if the separate time
of two track paths are closing within this “track” setting value.
Therefore you will see they were different from ezToure and history of GR-245.
Pls. try to adjust this setting become decrease and check again.

5. The serial number of ezTour program whether it just can use on only one laptop?

Currently, the serial number of ezTour can support 2~3 pcs laptop.
You still can reinstall the program on second laptop and normally operate, even though you get the 
warning message “the serial number had been using”.
But if you use out of the limit, then your ezTour wouldn’t reload the track data any more.

6. Why is not possible to open old .trl-files(with Holuxlogger utility) on ezTour program?

The ezTour is totally different operating system of track logger with our old Holuxlogger utility.
In ezTour program, you have to connect the GR-245 with the laptop, then the program can to load 
the track data into the laptop. And the ezTour program is another file format for saving and stock
therefore it really can't support our old *.trl format of utility.

7. I bought HOLUX GPSport 245 in Israel. Why can't I see Israel streets in Google map in the program?

The problem was identified that Israel map was not included in "Google map API".
Because Google can’t easily get this kind of map data from special zone of government.
Such as including ~ Israel, North Korea, China….etc
However, Israel map does show on though. 
We have searched Google map API forum and confirmed this.

Until some map companies in Israel would work with Google, there will be no solution so far. 
As long as Google provide Israel map on the server, our ezTour will get it for sure.

8. Does ezTour program support the MAC system platform?

Unfortunately, our ezTour program can’t support the MAC platform in this moment.
How ever, there is a free software solution (name ~ BT-747) can support to work appropriate with GPS
data logger on MAC platform.Please try to refer and download on this web link
BT747 utility download link
Please try to search this free utility on internet to use for your MAC platform.

9.GPSport 245 can not USB connect via ezTour.How can I solve it?

A: You can try something.
        1. Use another USB cable.
        2. Use another USB connect port from your computer.
        3. Uninstall the USB driver that you have installed in your computer and reinstall the USB
           driver below the website.
        4. First check COM port number from your computer. And then click on config GPS in ezTour. 
           The last click on manual setting and choose COM port number.

10. Does GR-245 support to work with the Android system platform?

Unfortunately, the GR-245 attached ezTour software only worked appropriate with windows platform 
without Android. Therefore, Holux didn't have this kind of software that can provdie to you.
How ever, you still can click below link "other notice" to know and get more informationa about 
"ezTour" related references.

11. What’s the difference between the GRSport 245 and the GRSport 245 Lite?

Actually, the hardware device was the same product, they are only different on accessories in package.
GPSport 245 ~ it had attached the complete accessories in the package.
GPSport 245 Light ~ it was different on giftbox appearance, decrease USB cable length (50 cm), no Tool CD, no charger adapter.
It just belong to cost down model of product.

Therefore you can go to Holux website to download related utility & software~

12. My GPS 245 has frozen . None of the buttons work and I can't switch it off. How do I re boot it?

Please press power button and start & pause button simultaneously.  

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 什麼是POI(景點圖示)?是否會顯示在GR-245的螢幕上或是ezTour之軟體內?


2. 軌跡的記錄是否可設定為非 ”覆寫” 的模式?


3. GPSport 245與電腦連結,卻無法被辨識偵測到新硬體?

一般可能是驅動程式安裝不完全,所以導致發生電腦無法分辨GPSport 245與滑鼠之間的分別。我們會建議執行以下程序

(1)請先嘗試將GPSport 245於關機狀態下,再與電腦連接測試(或換另一個USB插槽);看是否仍會發生此問題?若不會,那就請您以此方式來與電腦連接下載軌跡;若還是一樣有問題,就您您嘗試以下第2個方法。

(2)請至您電腦管理員裡之<新增移除>選項,將您之前灌的Silicon Lab…的驅動程式先移除;記得移除過程時,GPSport 245不要與電腦連接上。移除完畢後,再請用ezTour軟體之內件驅動程式 或 至Holux官網下載對應之驅動程式來重新安裝~


4. GR-245之歷史紀錄內之資料與路徑數,與ezTour顯示的路徑數和資料不一致?

這應該是ezTour軟體內設定之問題,你可至軟體之”工具” → ”選項”裡;嘗試改變”軌跡”內之時間設定值。因為次設定值

5. 包裝內提供ezTour之軟體序號是否只能用一台電腦?

不過序號被重複使用過多時,server會偵測到並進行封鎖;後續您使用ezTour時便無法連接 GR-245與下載軌跡了,故請留意!
若真發生此狀況時,再請您來信知會[mail to:~] 

6. GR-245無法與ezTour軟體連接?

重開機完成後,請將GR-245用USB cable與電腦連接;並開啟ezTour軟體,執行”讀取機器軌跡記錄”應可正常連接讀取軌跡。

7. 為何在以色列,GR-245的軌跡無法在Google map顯示出街道圖?

這問題是因為Google尚未有以色列地圖之”Google map API”,所以無法顯示出來;這是因為Google並不容易跟這樣特殊
體制的國家政府(例如~ 以色列、北韓、大陸..等),取得該國之地圖API資訊。未來待Google透過該國家之當地圖資業者合
作,加以取得相關API資訊後;於後續Google推出 新版map中,應陸續便可支援瀏覽該地區之街道圖。 

8. ezTour的軟體是否可以在MAC系統平台之apple電腦使用?

您可參閱此網站之相關說明連結~ [] 
BT747 軟體之下載連結~ [] 

9.GPSport 245 via ezTour fail/GPSport 245跟ezTour連接失敗?

A: 您好,可以嘗試以下步驟解決.
        1.使用另外一條USB 線連接.
        4.檢查GPSport 245目前與電腦連接時所佔用的COM號碼,ezTour切換到手動設定.(預設是自動掃描GPS記錄器)

10. 請問GPSport 245,是否可於Android平台上執行?

很抱歉,GPSport 245所搭配的軟體ezTour,目前只支援在Window的作業系統;且Holux目前並無可於Android平台上的軌

更新之韌體版本 (Chinese)

Firmware version

Release Note

245 FW_V1.04標準版~ File:GR-245之新版FW V1.04-更新說明.pdf

245 FW_特殊應用版本~File:GPSport 245之新版特殊FW V2.00-更新說明.pdf


Updating Firmware Version (English)

Firmware version

Release Note

245 FW_V1.04 Standard Version~File:GPSport 245 FW V1.04-update notice.pdf 

245 FW_Special app. Version~File:GPSport 245 Special FW V2.00-update notice.pdf

245 FW_V1.05 Europe Version~ File:GPSport 245 new FW V1.05 - update notice.pdf

Other notice / 其它備註

[1] EzTour/ezTourPlus Related Reference/相關問題

[2] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[3] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

[4] File:Holux-Outdoor-GPS Comparison List 20110304.pdf

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