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Q & A  (English)

1. How can I use pedometer? When I start pedometer do not appear any step?

After you walk forward a short distance about 10 meters the pedometer will 
appears step.

2. How do I use GPS to calculate Altitude? The altitude does not accurate?

1. You need to calibrate Barometer.
   2. Barometer is according to air pressure to calculate altitude.
      When the weather change fast the altitude also change fast.

3. GPSport 260/GPSport 260 pro can not USB connect via ezTour.How can I solve it?

You can try something.
        1. Use another USB cable.
        2. Use another USB connect port from your computer.
        3. Uninstall the USB driver that you have installed in your computer 
           and reinstall the USB driver below the website.
        4. Check the COM port number from your computer. And use manual COM 
           port setting to connect GR-260 and ezTour plus by selecting   
           config GPS device in ezTour plus.

4. If I far away the pre plan track my current position will always point out the track end point not the nearest point of track. This is not usefull to me. Could you tell me how to change this function that I wish it do?

Sorry,now GPSport 260 can only point out the track end point when you far 
away the track.

5. I can not remove the GPSport260 track from the ezTourPlanner edit.How can I do?

Sorry,If you upload the track from the ezTourPlanner to GPSport 260 the 
track can not be delete directly.
You can reload the track as the same name. Doing this you can cover the 
old track.

6. How do I increase GPSport 260 average speed calculation accuracy? I do not want to include the stop time when GPSport 260 logging?

You can choose setting Menu>setting>log>pause>select the 1 lkhm and Enable 
at GPSport 260 screen.
If you set 1 khm below the one kilometer GPSport 260 will stop record.

7. For example GPSport 260 log interval are per 5 second or per 5 meter. I import track into the ezTourPlus that it does not show the right log interval. How can I do?

You can disable GPSport260 pause function.(Setting Menu>setting>log>pause>
not click on enable)  
Because the pause function will let GPSport 260 remove some point when their 
speed are lower than the speed setting

8. Why GPSport 260 can not be powered off?

Press light button and turn left black button at the same time.

9. What's different the new FW_V2.01 modification for GPSport 260 & 260pro?

1. F/W is used by GPSport260 & GPSport260pro.
2. Add User profile.
3. Multi-Finder can record up to 20 locations and support reset Finder.
4. Change the Main menu.
5. Add Quick Menu appears for fast setup and Lock the buttons to avoid 
6. Add display items- Grade/ GPS Alt/ Total Ascend/ Total Descend.
7. Simplify initial Setup setting (when F/W update finish and start-up 
   device first time).
8. Reduce Language : Slovensky and Hebrew.
9. Plot / Follow Course : Track View add "show/hide POI" and GPS 
10. LCD Contrast default : 4

10. I try to enter the coordinate destination (N 46.52.418/ E 008.94.568), why that for E the 4th number should be 9 but on GPSport 260 you can only choose 1-5. You can not choose 6, 7, 8 or 9?
According to latitude and longitude conversion rule with 60-bit mode,it convert to Degress/ Minutes/ Seconds format, the number value of "Minutes" only define 1~5 without over 6~9.

We would suggest you trying enter this coordinate value in Google earth or Google map to check out whether it is available, we couldn't find this position on Google earth.

By the way, you could try to refer this Latitude & Longitude instrustion on WiKi website, it should be helped you to figure out~  

So, it isn't our device's bug or issue, the current rule does make sense and correct.

11. Does GPSport 260 & 260pro support to work with the Android or MAC system platform?

Unfortunately, the device attached ezTour plus software only worked appropriate with windows 
platform without Android and MAC. Therefore, Holux didn't have this kind of software that can 
provdie to you.
How ever, you still can click below link "other notice" to know and get more informationa about 
"ezTour plus" related references.

12. Why I saw there had FW_V2.02 version for GPSport260 & 260pro in the market, but I can't find this FW version to provide for updating on Holux website?

First of all, the both FW_V2.01 and 2.02 are the same funtion each other on opration and application, 
therefore there doesn't need to update this new FW version necessarily.
The FW_V2.02 of modification content, it is to avoied the device be changed internal firmware setting 
to cause device fault of chance from distributor did on the market.

Therefore we also do some protection limit on hardware and use this Firmware (2.02) to name for 
identification, but it has same function with firmware version (V2.01) completely

13. Whe the latest FW_V2.02 of 260 & 260pro device didn't support to update with old firmware V1.03?

Yes, it can't support to do that because we do some protection limit on hardware therefore new FW structure was different with previous FW version. So, the new FW V2.02 of device doesn't support to update with previous firmware version each other. 

The directly identification rule is ~ When you follow firmware updating instruction, you would see the Main_FW of below screen displayed the "Ver. 1.00 or 1.01" character of device, and it can suppport to update the old FW_1.02~2.00 version as show below~ 

 Main FW-1.00.JPG

The Main_FW of below screen displayed the "Ver. 1.02" character of device, and it can't suppport to update the old FW_1.02~2.00 version as show below~ 

 Main FW-1.02.JPG


Sorry to make you inconvenience.  

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 請問,GR260 & 260pro共用的新韌體,功能上有改變什麼?

1.增加計算BMI的功能 (User Profile:利用輸入出生年月日與身體及體重作BMI計算,了解自己本身是



4.增加”快速選單(Quick menu)”功能,在任何畫面可開始/暫停及保存軌跡,並有增加”鎖按鍵
(Lock Keys)”功能

5.Sport Mode增加可顯示”坡度/GPS高度(最大,平均,當前)/總上升高度/總下降高度”

6.簡化initial Setup:從9項變成4項

7.語言:減少”希伯來與斯洛伐克”語 (從原本10種語言減少為8種語言)

8.在Plot/Follow Course瀏覽軌跡時,增加”顯示/隱藏POI名稱”的功能

9.在Plot/Follow Course瀏覽軌跡時,增加GPS朝上功能 (原本僅有North/Compass朝上功能)

2. 請問, 如何使用計步器?當我開始使用計步器時不會顯示步數?


3. GPSport 260氣壓高度計不準的太離譜!每次使用都校正,即使到了三角點用標高手動輸入,下了平地還是不準,這要怎麼處理?


4. 請問, GPSport 260與GPSport 260 pro跟ezTour 連接失敗要如何解決?

        1.使用另外一條USB 線連接.
        4.檢查GPSport260目前與電腦連接時所佔用的COM號碼,ezTour plus切換到手動設定.

5. 請問, 當我遠離預先規劃的軌跡時,我現在的位置總是指向軌跡終點.這不是很方便,請問可以改成指向離軌跡最近的點嗎?


6. 請問, 我無法刪除GPSport 260的軌跡是從ezTourPlanner編輯產生。請問要怎樣做才能刪除它?


7. 請問, 我要如何增加GPSport 260計算平均速度的精準度。我不想把停止的時間也列入計算?

在GPSport 260的選單裡面您可以選擇 設定選單>設定>記錄設定>暫停>把當速度低於1khm打勾並把啟
用打勾。當速度低於一公里時GPSport 260會停止紀錄

8. 請問,GPSport 260欲輸入經緯度座標時,於度分秒欄位中;分的調整數字為何只能1~5,無法設定6~9?

我們會建議您至Google earth或map述入您的經緯度座標,確認看看該數值是否正確,在Google earth是否找的到!以下範例為中文的經緯對轉換,你可參考了解一下~



9. 請問, 比如我把紀錄區間設定成5秒紀錄依點或是5公尺記錄依點.之後把軌跡匯到ezTourPlus裡面時,發覺軌跡並非按照設定紀錄區間來記錄會變成10秒紀錄依次?


10. 請問,我的GPSPort260無法關機.可以幫我嗎?


11. 請問GPSport260 & 260pro,是否可於Android 或 MAC平台上執行?

很抱歉,260 & 260pro所搭配的軟體ezTour plus,目前只支援在Window的作業系統;且Holux目前並無可於Android與
MAC平台上的軌跡讀取軟體可提供,若針對ezTour plus軟體有相關問題,請至下方的"其它備註"裡,點選ezTour plus相關

12. 請問為何市面上有看到FW版本V2.02的GPSport260 & 260pro機器,但官網上並無提供此版本FW的下載更新?


13. 請問最新版的FW_V2.02的260 & 260pro,為何無法更新為之前舊的版本V1.03?

是的,因為硬體本身上為針對防護機制部分有做些改變,故此FW版本的架構與之前FW架構便有不同;所以目前新版的FW V2.02的機器是無法與之前舊版本的FW來相互支援交替更新的。

最直接區分機器硬體是否支援舊版FW更新,請依更新步驟操作;於Main_FW顯示的畫面下方,顯示為Ver. 1.00與1.01的機器,便可支援舊版FW_1.02~2.00的更新,如下圖所示~ 

 Main FW-1.00.JPG

若Main_FW顯示的畫面下方,顯示為Ver. 1.02的機器,那便完全無法支援舊版FW_1.02~2.01的更新,如下圖所示~ 

 Main FW-1.02.JPG



Other notice / 其它備註

[1] EzTour/ezTourPlus Related Reference/相關問題

[2] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[3] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

[4] File:Holux-Outdoor-GPS Comparison List 20110304.pdf

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