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Q & A  (English)

1. Can I turn M-1200E Bluetooth off to save power?

Our M-120E design, in the way, that it is not allows you to turn the Bluetooth off. 
We have some tests here that even the Bluetooth is on all time, 
the battery consumption by the Bluetooth is minimum.

2. M-1200E can not USB connect via ezTour.How can I solve it?

You can try something.
        1. Use another USB cable.
        2. Use another USB connect port from your computer.
        3. Uninstall the USB driver that you have installed in your computer and reinstall the USB 
           driver below the website.
        4. First check COM port number from your computer. And then click on config GPS in ezTour. 
           The last click on manual setting and choose COM port number.


3. The M-1200E battery had died, where can I buy a new one?

Unfortunately, this battery was belonged embedded system not rechangeable model. 
Therefore we would suggest you trying to contact your original reseller for support to execute 
repair process, directly.

Or you can contact our unit of customer & repair service, they will help you, too.
Contact e-mail : RMA@holux.com

4. Where can get the M-1200E driver for Windows 7 platform?

Please go to holux website to download the Win 7 Driver for M-1000C~

5. Does ezTour program support the MAC system platform?

Unfortunately, our ezTour program can’t support the MAC platform in this moment.
How ever, there is a free software solution (name ~ BT-747) can support to work appropriate with 
GPS data logger on MAC platform.Please try to refer and download on this web link
~ http://www.bt747.org/
BT747 utility download link
~ http://sourceforge.net/projects/bt747/files/
Please try to search this free utility on internet to use for your MAC platform.

6. Does M-1200E can support to connect Nokia 5530 XpressMusic of bluetooth V2.0?

Yes, the bluetooth V2.0 absolutely support to cover version 1.2 of connection.
But you have to set on your mobile phone of manager setting and make sure the COM port、Baud rate:
38400、 pair code < 0000 >.....are all correct then the bluetooth connection should be worked.
How ever, most of mobile phone have different bluetooth setting rule by brand vendor defined,
therefore you could contact with them to get more detail information.

7. Does M-1200E can connect to Iphone or Ipad by bluetooth?
Please try to refer as below forum linkApple Prodcut information, it had some information and description.

8. Does M-1200E support to work with the Android system platform?

Unfortunately, the M-1200E attached ezTour software only worked appropriate with windows platform 
without Android. Therefore, Holux didn't have this kind of software that can provdie to you.
How ever, you still can click below link "other notice" to know and get more informationa about 
"ezTour" related references.

9. I try to download the M-1200E logs with my computer, but the software displayed "Failed to connect GPS module", what I can do?

First of all, you have to make sure the driver whether it had installed success.

Second, you could change other USB port to test becasue it could have chance to get un-enough voltage (5V) sometime.

Please try to refer this fileFile:M-1000C Trouble Shooting.pdf , it has detail instruction to show you.
(M-1200E & M-1000C are the common driver with each other)

10. I had try to search about BT-747 utility information for my MAC laptop using, but I still didn't know how to use it can do?

First of all, we have to remind this software wasn't our develompent and owner. You still have to search on internet.

How ever, we still have do some simple operation instruction as below document.

Please try to refer this fileFile:BT747 Application.pdf , it should be helpful.

11. I want to use M-1200E to connect with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) by bluetooth, but i am unable to deliver. does any suggestion for Android system?

First of all, We can't guarantee our product can match all of device. Because some of vendors (like Palm, Apple) have had limited the suitable GPS receiver to match its device.

Second, we had tested M-1200E to pair with Samsung Galaxy S2 by Bluetooth, and it did worked with pairing and transmission data. we would suggest you trying to download some simple testing utility of checking GPS signal on your Android platform to check out as below PDF file.

Please try to refer this fileFile:GPS simple utility for Android.pdf , it should be helpful.

If the problem still persists, we would suggest you trying to contact the smart phone vendor for support how to set bluetooth connections correctly.

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 請問, 我是否能把M-1200E藍芽關閉以節省電池壽命?

M-1200E的設計無法關閉藍芽, 即使打開藍芽它的電池耗電量也非常有限。 

2. 請問, M-1200E與ezTour 連接失敗要如何解決?

        1.使用另外一條USB 線連接.

3. 請問M-1200E的電池無法續電了,哪裡可以購買?


電話: 03-6687000轉1281或1282
e-mail: RMA@holux.com

4. 請問M-1200E的驅動程式是否有支援Win 7平台?

請至Holux官網之"M-1200E下載區"來選取Win 7 Driver進行下載~

5. ezTour的軟體是否可以在MAC系統平台之apple電腦使用?

您可參閱此網站之相關說明連結~ [ http://www.bt747.org/] 
BT747 軟體之下載連結~ [http://sourceforge.net/projects/bt747/files/] 

6. 請問讀取M-1200E是否可與Nokia 5530 XpressMusic藍芽版本是V2.0來連接?

但是你必須於手機端的藍芽裝置管理員裡,針對COM port、Baud rate : 38400、配對碼< 0000 >等;皆有設定正確,

7. 請問, M-1200E是否可以與Iphone或Ipad的藍芽連接?
此部分請參閱此連結之討論區Apple Prodcut information,有細部的說明。

8. 請問M-1200E之軌跡記錄器,是否可於Android平台上執行?


Other notice / 其它備註

[1] Track file compatible problem/軌跡檔案相容性相關問題

[2] EzTour/ezTourPlus Related Reference/相關問題

[3] Apple Prodcut information

[4] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[5] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

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