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(Q & A  (Chinese))
(Q & A  (Chinese))
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         5.更改目前M-241所使用的COM port number. 比如目前M-241的COM port號碼是COM 10,請嘗試改成COM2,COM3.
         5.更改目前M-241所使用的COM port number. 比如目前M-241的COM port號碼
            是COM 10,請嘗試改成COM2,COM3.

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Q & A  (English)

1.I can not update M-241 firmware. How to update it?

M-241 V1.13 added a function to record "speed" data into the log.
   The total recording points will also reduce accordingly to around 100,000 points.

   Holuxlogger Utility_1.1.0.48 only worked with V1.13!
   Holuxlogger Utility_1.1.0.47 only worked with V1.12!
   Do not mix these files with older downloaded V1.13/V1.12 packages.

2. How much time does M-241 battery can be used?

The new battery you can use 7~9 hours. Different battery has different use time.
If you can please do not use rechargable battery. Because rechargable battery voltage will pull 
low after you use it during some time.

3. M241/M241-C can not USB connect via ezTour.How can I solve it?

You can try something.

        1. Use another USB cable.
        2. Use another USB connect port from your computer.
        3. Uninstall the USB driver that you have installed in your computer and reinstall the USB
           driver below the website.
        4. First check COM port number from your computer. And then click on config GPS in ezTour. 
           The last click on manual setting and choose  COM port number.


4. M-241 Bluetooth function can’t connect?

Pls. move out the battery of M-241 overnight, then put it back 
(this way is the same with factory reset)
Then use the utility of "MiniGPS viewer" to test the status of GPS in open sky. 
Pls. make sure your setting of COM port is correct, baud rate 38400

If everything is fine, the M-241 is ok.

If the problem persists, the device should be a problem.
Pls. contact your reseller (or local retailer) for support or repair if it is necessary.

5. M-241 whether it can support the Mac. platform of laptop?

Unfortunately, our ezTour program can’t support the MAC platform in this moment.
How ever, there is a free software solution (name ~ BT-747) can support to work appropriate with 
GPS data logger on MAC platform.Please try to refer and download on this web link
~ http://www.bt747.org/
BT747 utility download link
~ http://sourceforge.net/projects/bt747/files/
Please try to search this free utility on internet to use for your MAC platform.

6. M-241 receiver how to start-up the function for WASS / EGNOS?

The DGPS function is included the WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS system and you don't need to set anything.
If you are in USA area, you will auto-receive the signal of WAAS satellite.
If you are in Europe area, you will auto-receive the signal of EGNOS satellite.
If you are in Japan area, you will auto-receive the signal of MSAS satellite.
It just show the different number GPS satellites in your navigation program.

7. M-241 logged the wrong coordinate of track or can’t convert to other file format after doing update new firmware?

Pls. try to restart the power of M-241. (suggest to move out the battery few minute then put it 
back)And try to do these setting ~ push “menu” → “setting” → “Default” →  choose “Yes”, then 
the upgrade process was really finish.
(You also double check whether it had upgraded the new firmware V1.13)

After finish above procedure pls. try to check again,
If the problem be solved. The M-241 is ok

If the problem persist, the M-241 maybe have problem.
We would suggest to contact your original reseller for support and check

8. Why ezTour program can't display the speed after M-241 download track logs finished?

The M-241 of old Firmware V1.12, it didn't support to record speed data into track logs therefore
ezTour software couldn't show any speed variation。
But we had modified this issue in new FW_V1.13, new firmware had supported to record speed data
Then ezTour software would display the speed variation data.

So, please go to Holux website to dowonload latest FW_V1.13 and upgrade your M-241.
By the way, you also can download latest version ezTour_V1.04 to updade your laptop and check 

M-241~ http://www.holux.com/JCore/en/products/products_download.jsp?pno=341
ezTour~ http://market.holux.com/Software/SU/

9. I bought ezTour software, why it could't connect with M-241 but the original utility (Holuxlogger utility) could connect with M-241?

Most of these issues could be the driver didn’t install completely or your laptop had already included other Silicon version driver to conflict, therefore the laptop can’t recognize the M-241 device.

(1)First, we would suggest please try to change another USB port or laptop to connect the M-241 by USB cable when it is power off). After that you can check out whether the problem still persists, if it still didn't work please try to use second solution.

(2)Please review the “Add / remove program” items on your laptop, and remove all of driver files that the first name has show the “Silicon Lab…..”, then restart your computer and try to re-install the driver with attached Tool CD or download on Holux website~


You also can try to refer File:M-241 driver installation and ezTour program connection.pdf, it will introduce the re-setup driver procedure. 

10. I have tried all of the USB connection way. But they are not useable. How can I rescue my M-241 track ?

Hello, You can try  Bluetooth connection to read M-241 track. Normally use, I do not suggest you 
that you use Bluetooth connection to read M-241 track.Because the failure rate is high. 
But in the emergency status you can try to it.

11. Does M-241 can connect to Iphone or Ipad by bluetooth?
Please try to refer as below forum link~ Apple Prodcut information, it had some information and description.

12. Does M-241 supports to work with the MAC or Android system platform?

Unfortunately, the M-241 attached ezTour software only worked appropriate with windows platform 
without MAC and Android. Therefore, Holux didn't have this kind of software that can provdie to you.
How ever, you still can click below link "other notice" to know and get more informationa about 
"ezTour" related references.

Q & A  (Chinese)

1. 請問, 我不能更新的M -241firmware。如何更新?

M- 241 V1.13增加了一個功能,記錄的“速度“的數據記錄到日誌,總記錄點也將減少至約10萬點。

   Holuxlogger Utility_1.1.0.48只能搭配V1.13!
   Holuxlogger Utility_1.1.0.47只能搭配V1.12! 

2. 請問, M-241電池能夠使用多久的時間?

M-241電池可以使用多久與電池的廠牌及容量有關,全新的電池, 一般來說7-9小時都有可能。
   請儘量不要使用充電電池, 因為使用一段時間之後充電電池會因為充電不足造造成電壓降低。

3. 請問, M-241與M-241C跟ezTour 連接失敗要如何解決?

        1.使用另外一條USB 線連接.
        5.更改目前M-241所使用的COM port number. 比如目前M-241的COM port號碼
            是COM 10,請嘗試改成COM2,COM3.

4. M-241 Bluetooth無法建立連接之問題?

然後請您嘗試與別台電腦或電子產品(有內建藍芽功能的)連結,並利用”MiniGPS Viewer” 測試軟體再確認看看;您的藍芽


5. M-241是否能支援MAC.的電腦?

您可參閱此網站之相關說明連結~ http://www.bt747.org/ 
BT747 軟體之下載連結~ http://sourceforge.net/projects/bt747/files/

6. 藍芽GPS接收器內的WASS / EGNOS功能如何啟用?


7. M-241更新完FW後,軌跡紀錄的座標卻不正確或無法轉換成其它檔案格式?

請先重新開機M241,接著按M-241上之“menu”鍵 → “設定” → “原廠設定” →  選擇 “是”,這樣更新程序才算完成.然後您

8. ezTour與M-241搭配使用,軟體上卻不會顯示速度?

M-241~ http://www.holux.com/JCoreTW/en/products/products_download.jsp?pno=340
ezTour~ http://market.holux.com/Software/SU/

9. 購買ezTour軟體並安裝於電腦後,ezTour卻無法與M-241連結;但舊有的Holuxlogger utility仍可正常連接?



(2)請至您電腦管理員裡之<新增移除>選項,將您之前灌的Silicon Lab…的驅動程式先移除;記得移除過程時,M-241不要與電腦連接上。移除完畢後,再請用ezTour軟體之內件驅動程式 或 至Holux官網下載對應之驅動程式來重新安裝~




11. 請問M-241之軌跡記錄器,是否可於MAC或Android平台上執行?


12. 請問, M-241是否可以與Iphone或Ipad的藍芽連接?
此部分請參閱此連結之討論區~ Apple Prodcut information,有細部的說明。

更新之韌體版本 (Chinese)



M-241 FW_V1.13標準版~ File:M-241韌體修改事項.pdf

Updating Firmware Version (English)

Firmware version

Release Note

M-241 FW_V1.13 Standard Version~ File:M-241 FW V1.13 release note.pdf

Other notice / 其它備註

[1] EzTour/ezTourPlus Related Reference/相關問題

[2] Apple Prodcut information

[3] Repair issue / 維修保固問題

[4] GPS fault maintance process/GPS故障維修處理程序

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