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Welcome to Holux FAQ wiki!

This wiki provides our customers a self-service method when searching for Frequent Asked Questions. You don't have to wait for our customer service to answer your questions. Search for the answers yourself. We will try our best to maintain this database to keep it up to date and solve customers questions in an immediate fashion. Using the search tool on the left bar is the quickest way for getting answers.

If you couldn't find the answer you want, please use the "Support" on the left menu to contact our technical support!

歡迎來到Holux FAQ Wiki首頁.

Holux FAQ Wiki主要提供搜尋功能,讓客戶在產品常發生之問題與解答資訊中;找到合宜方法自行處理解決。您可不必等待Holux的客服回覆,便能先透過此FAQ Wiki先搜尋到解答了! 我們會持續努力去維護與更新此FAQ Wiki的資料內容,讓每個客戶與使用者能在Wiki上;找到最新與有效的自我處理方法。 請善用左邊選項清單之”搜尋功能”,這可快速幫助你搜尋到合適的解答。

若您在FAQ Wiki尚無法搜尋到解答,在請使用左邊選項功能之"技術支援"; 來填寫回報與我們客服單位聯絡。

[ezTour & ezTour Plus NOTICE 2012-03-28]

The recent change in GoogleMapAPI has caused ezTour & ezTour Plus unable to view Google map on the software.
All previous version included in the CD, downloaded from our site, or currently installed copy of ezTour or ezTour Plus will not show Google Map from now on.

After study the GoogleMapAPI guide, our R&D worked really hard and quickly released an updated version for ezTour & ezTour Plus.
Please download ezTour & ezTour Plus from this URL Link:

We apologize for any inconvenience that have caused!

[ezTour & ezTour Plus 變更通知 2012-03-28]
最近GoogleMapAPI做了一些變更, 這已造成 ezTour及的ezTour加無法看到Google地圖。

在研究GoogleMapAPI指南後,我們的RD很迅速的公佈ezTour & ezTour Plus 的更新版本。
請從這個URL連接下載 ezTour & ezTour


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